11 July 2016

How To Scrap A Car in 2017

Thanks to the internet there are how more ways to scrap a car. Besides visiting your local scrap yard or calling a scrap merchant, you can now use online services. Some of these new options make life easier and can put more cash in your pocket.

Scrapping a car offline

The good old method of calling your local scrap merchant is a tried and tested way of getting rid of a scrap vehicle. Just give them a call and if they are interested they will pop round to take a look.

The catch is that you often just pay the scrap metal prices, rather than recycling parts. Also you may need to subtract a call out fee from the final payment.

Payment is usually cash in hand but you will be able to get a receipt off most. If your car is still running you can probably get a better deal if you visit a scrap yard. Some yards may have demand for parts from your vehicle, so shopping around is worth it.

How to scrap a car online

The alternative to the above is to use a scrap car service online. These guys will still be using the same scrap merchants, but they will have connections across the country.

The benefit of this is that they can then sell the cars onto the highest bidder. A merchant 200 miles away may be in need of certain parts from your car. So it stands to reason that he will pay more than someone who will just pay scrap metal value.

The great thing about the online options is that some offer free collection of your vehicle too. So there is no need to deal with the often rather brash types at your local yard. You just fill in your details, wait for an offer to be made (some make an offer instantly), then wait for collection and payment.

For US car owners we recommend Sell The Car USA which is an expansion of the UK company (see next paragraph). The guys behind this service are very experienced and have made the right connections in The States to be able to buy used cars online. They favor damaged, broken cars which they can fix and sell on. This means they will pay more than a scrap dealer who can't make repairs.

For UK car owners I recommend Sell The Car UK who have been going for many many years. They have great connections in the industry and specialize in damaged and non running vehicles. They don't really want cars which are ready for the scrap yard, unless they are luxury cars where the parts can be recycled.

Which option is best?

That all depends on demand and supply. If someone wants your car for more than just the scrap metal, you will get more. Selling online gives you a better chance of finding a higher price, but there is a middle man.

Your best bet is to call your local scrap merchants and ask them for a rough idea on the phone. Then visit one of the online sites which offer to scrap a car and see what they offer. Then go with the best price as long as includes collection within a reasonable timescale.

The two websites mentioned above are going to give you the best value if your used car isn't in great condition, but is repairable. If your car runs then a private sale is best. If the car is fit for the scrap yard only, then stick with your local scrap merchants.

14 June 2015

One Great Tip When Selling a Car Use a Car Valuation Calculator

If there is one thing that is more important than anything else when it comes to selling a used car, it is making sure you get paid a fair price for it. Patience can really pay off too.

That is why there have always been guide books for pricing, but these can vary from reality. Location can have an impact as well as various other faction which the guide books do not take into consideration. Therefore using a good car valuation calculator is a great help in finding the true value of your vehicle.

These online car valuations are often free and they range from basically entering your registration number to entering a long list of questions. Don't be afraid to spend some time answering the questions on the more complicated ones, it could get you more money.

For example I was recently searching for a particular car on a popular classifieds ad website. What I noticed on more than one occasion is that if a specific car was not available in a certain area, the price was higher than in the guide book.

It is all a matter of demand and supply. If someone wants the exact car you are selling, you may as well get as much as they are willing to pay for it. Therefore you should be thorough when getting your calculation and even raise the figure when you first advertise your car. If someone is looking for that particular make and model, you might get a great deal. If not, just lower it a little each week until somebody bites.

Selling a car online and/or through classified ads will usually get you the most money. If at first you don't succeed, lower the figure but be wary of going too low. When we sold the car we were replacing the buyer drove over 200 miles to get it. He paid in cash and it was pretty obvious he was a dealer. So if after 2 months nobody is buying through your advert, look at other options before lowering the price too much. You may find that a part exchange offer is better value.

08 March 2014

Selling a broken down car

Recently my son’s old Ford Fiesta finally died, or so it seemed. We decided to sell it for whatever we could get and get him a new (used) car. It has served us well for a few years but sometimes you just have to draw the line and invest in a new car.

Broken down cars can usually be fixed but the frequency that they need repairs just gets more often. So in the end it works out cheaper to start again with a model that is newer and has less miles on the clock.

After a lot of deliberation we decided on a Ford Focus this time because they have a little more space but are still made by Ford, which means easy to maintain and get fixed in future. We spoke to a scrap merchant who offered us a pathetic amount for the Fiesta. We tried placing an advert but that just got a few tyre kickers who didn’t make an acceptable offer.

In the end we thought we’d try and get something for it by part exchanging. I was very skeptical about this but surprised that the dealer we visited (Karl Smith Car Sales in Blackpool) offered a good price. It probably hampered our negotiations of the Focus we wanted to buy from them (they would only knock £100 off the asking price), but I was delighted to at least be getting a decent amount for the Fiesta.

Moral of the story is don’t just sell a broken down car for scrap. Try offering it to a dealer. If the dealer isn’t local and the car doesn’t run this will be a problem, but if you can provide enough details, as we did, then it is worth trying.

24 January 2013

Classic Car Junk Yards

Do you have a couple of classic cars in your garage? Is one of your old garages home to a classic car that your grandpa placed in storage and never to be seen again? Some people would have a classic car in an old property that may have been left in their care from relatives without even knowing about it. If you are one of the above or possibly one of the above (check your old garage now), then you should know that you will be able to get good money for that car as is with no need of putting any money in to it.

There is always a market for classic cars and the culture that we have simply lives for the classics. This is why the classic car industry has remained a profitable business for many people. There are plenty of classic car junk yards all over the UK and it will not be hard to find one that may suite your needs. Some of these yards could offer various services from pick up of a sale to referring other shops that might be better suited for your needs.

The important thing when looking to junk a classic car is for you to do your research and check classic car auctions, classified ads or sites and any classic car database that you can get your hands on. Always remember, if you know more about your classic car, the better you are at negotiating a great deal for it. For some, it has proven to be worth thousands of quid more.

22 January 2013

Car Scrap Yards

Old cars can be a problem to some of us. It consumes a specific amount of space for storage which can be used for some other productive things. For so long, our cars may just have stayed on our backyard and we have no idea where to put it.

We may have thought on throwing it away, it just happen that it won’t fit in the garbage truck. It could bother you sometime looking at your car being unproductive. It would be better if you would just take it out of your backyard and dispose it somewhere. The thing is you don’t know where to put it.

The best that you can do about your old cars is to bring it to the nearest car scrap yards. It is more beneficial for you to do so than leaving it in your backyard being consumed by rust over time. Instead of being a liability, your car can be a source of money for you. 

Your car is worth something if you bring and weigh at a scrap metal merchant. Just be aware that there are specific parts of your car that has a value of its own. You must remove them before putting your car on a weighing scale. These things include the catalytic converter; this thing has a separate price. 

If you weigh the catalytic converter separately you would likely get around £15 to £25 more. Make sure that you know what parts of your car that can be useful and of high value so that you can certainly maximize its worth even it’s already old.

20 January 2013

Damaged Cars Auction

I am sure that you have already heard the word damaged or salvaged car auction before. This is not strange to car owners and car brokers. Auction is quiet a common word. The problem is on the word ‘salvaged’. Auto salvage or vehicle salvage means differently to other people than what it really is.

The common misconception is that car salvage is simply rubbishes of metal that came from a badly damaged vehicle. However, vehicle salvage varies from scrap to fully functional vehicle depending on its conditions. People are very concerned that they might know the condition of the vehicle that might get out of buying salvage.

There is nothing to worry because I will give you the guidelines and salvage category that you need so that you can be sure that you would know exactly what you will be getting that could make auto salvage a source of good vehicle that is much cheaper than retail.

There are five categories that you must know before joining damaged cars auction. These categories are Category A, B, C, D and Category X. Category A is the category for all the junks wherein the money that you will be spending for collection and reconstruction is much higher than the possible profit that you could ever make out of it.

Category B on the other hand, means that if you ever bought a vehicle on this category, you will only be able to salvage the parts and the cost of doing it would still be greater than what you could sell them. It is in Category C wherein you can buy a car that can be repaired but if you let the retailer do it rather than yourself, then the value may surpass the pre accident value. It is very important that you ensure that you can have the vehicle repaired for a cheaper price before purchasing any car in this category.

Category C also includes the vehicle that needs vehicle identity check such as chassis number. Category D consists of cars that are 100% repairable and the cost of doing it would be lesser than the pre accident value which could give you a higher profit if you were to sell the car.

Last thing on our category list is the Category X. Category X is the best salvage because they have never been recorded as damaged; hence, you can sell the vehicle for higher profits. Normally these cars have minimal damage that needs little if any work or these cars are stolen recovery.

There are many salvage auctions in UK that could offer you vast selection of over 1000 stolen-recovered and damage-repairable vehicles. Auto salvage auction includes different models of cars, motorbikes and vans for sale. Most of the prices of these vehicles can reach up to 50% cheaper than the same model that is displayed in a showroom once repaired. Vehicles are added daily to their stock to ensure that you will find the vehicle you are looking for.

18 January 2013

Damaged Cars UK

A car owner will never want something to happen to their car, but sometimes damages are just unavoidable. Certain situations are simply unpredictable and before you know it, you have a damaged car in your hands. Some people will have it repaired and get it running again and keep on chugging along like nothing happened; however, there are those who prefer to get rid of the car and replace it all together. So, if you are that person then I might have a couple of interesting tips to help you along with the process and hopefully it might make things a little easier for you.

First and foremost, you must have your paper work handy. You need to have the registration to move the process along smoothly. This will ensure ownership and prevent any additional questions or paperwork to fill out. Proof of ownership is important even for damaged cars being sold to a junk yard.

Second, this is mostly for your benefit. Make sure you do proper research and find out how much damaged cars UK go for so you have an idea about price ranges when the time for bargaining comes. It would also be best if you know more details about the state of your car because some parts that are working fine might be worth more than the others. In totality, if that may be the case it would be better if you sell the car parts piece by piece instead of as a whole.

Third, try doing some of the work yourself and not rely on just your local junk shop or salvage yard. You can go online and try to advertise there, you might get some reputable buyers interested in some of the parts that you still have available although they might be from other cities or countries. There are a lot of ways to still complete the transaction as logistics companies these days do not cost a lot especially if you get someone who is really in need of your exact part. The price should more than make up for it or the buyer can shoulder it.

Fourth, always remember though, if this is all too hard or too much work! You can always contact a salvage company and they will be able to provide a removal service for you without a lot of fuzz. Most of these services are available all over the UK and not just in big cities so if things get too tough, you always have an easier way out of your damaged car dilemma.