20 January 2013

Damaged Cars Auction

I am sure that you have already heard the word damaged or salvaged car auction before. This is not strange to car owners and car brokers. Auction is quiet a common word. The problem is on the word ‘salvaged’. Auto salvage or vehicle salvage means differently to other people than what it really is.

The common misconception is that car salvage is simply rubbishes of metal that came from a badly damaged vehicle. However, vehicle salvage varies from scrap to fully functional vehicle depending on its conditions. People are very concerned that they might know the condition of the vehicle that might get out of buying salvage.

There is nothing to worry because I will give you the guidelines and salvage category that you need so that you can be sure that you would know exactly what you will be getting that could make auto salvage a source of good vehicle that is much cheaper than retail.

There are five categories that you must know before joining damaged cars auction. These categories are Category A, B, C, D and Category X. Category A is the category for all the junks wherein the money that you will be spending for collection and reconstruction is much higher than the possible profit that you could ever make out of it.

Category B on the other hand, means that if you ever bought a vehicle on this category, you will only be able to salvage the parts and the cost of doing it would still be greater than what you could sell them. It is in Category C wherein you can buy a car that can be repaired but if you let the retailer do it rather than yourself, then the value may surpass the pre accident value. It is very important that you ensure that you can have the vehicle repaired for a cheaper price before purchasing any car in this category.

Category C also includes the vehicle that needs vehicle identity check such as chassis number. Category D consists of cars that are 100% repairable and the cost of doing it would be lesser than the pre accident value which could give you a higher profit if you were to sell the car.

Last thing on our category list is the Category X. Category X is the best salvage because they have never been recorded as damaged; hence, you can sell the vehicle for higher profits. Normally these cars have minimal damage that needs little if any work or these cars are stolen recovery.

There are many salvage auctions in UK that could offer you vast selection of over 1000 stolen-recovered and damage-repairable vehicles. Auto salvage auction includes different models of cars, motorbikes and vans for sale. Most of the prices of these vehicles can reach up to 50% cheaper than the same model that is displayed in a showroom once repaired. Vehicles are added daily to their stock to ensure that you will find the vehicle you are looking for.

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