16 January 2013

Junk Car Parts

In the state of our economy these days, it would not be a surprise for people to try to find every means necessary to make some extra money. Rummaging through some old stuff and see what you can sell for some extra cash is a good way to do just that. I did something a little different though because I have an old car in the garage that I inherited from my grandpa. So I figured why not try to get some money for that and it ended up being a good idea.

Here are a couple of steps that might be of help if you are thinking of doing the same thing:

First step: Make sure you find the right Junk yard or junk shop

There will be no selling if you do not have a shop that will take your junk so the first thing you need to do is to get online and try to find the nearest junk shop in your area. Most of them do offer full service. They will get the car off your hands from where it is with no fuzz so long as you guys meet eye to eye on the price. This is where you need to do some leg work and try to find the best deal possible. Different shops will offer different prices and remember not to limit yourself in your local area. You may find some great deals online with great junk shops from a different country, who knows, you might get lucky.

Second step: Do not limit yourself to Junk Shops

When it comes to selling junk car parts, you can never be narrow minded and think locally. If you could not find the price you desire locally with junk shops, you always have the option to advertise yourself. You will have an international market and you might just snag an enthusiast for your car especially if it is a classic.

Third step: Do your homework

You always have a better chance at having the upper hand in any negotiation of you know what you’re selling. Check any database that relates to your car and find out what type of market it has and how much would it go for at present.

Fourth Step: Do not be afraid to do some labor

Some shops offer better prices if you already did some of the labor for them. It depends on each shop and your preference. You also can possibly make more money if you sell the part separately yourself piece by piece.

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