08 March 2014

Selling a broken down car

Recently my son’s old Ford Fiesta finally died, or so it seemed. We decided to sell it for whatever we could get and get him a new (used) car. It has served us well for a few years but sometimes you just have to draw the line and invest in a new car.

Broken down cars can usually be fixed but the frequency that they need repairs just gets more often. So in the end it works out cheaper to start again with a model that is newer and has less miles on the clock.

After a lot of deliberation we decided on a Ford Focus this time because they have a little more space but are still made by Ford, which means easy to maintain and get fixed in future. We spoke to a scrap merchant who offered us a pathetic amount for the Fiesta. We tried placing an advert but that just got a few tyre kickers who didn’t make an acceptable offer.

In the end we thought we’d try and get something for it by part exchanging. I was very skeptical about this but surprised that the dealer we visited (Karl Smith Car Sales in Blackpool) offered a good price. It probably hampered our negotiations of the Focus we wanted to buy from them (they would only knock £100 off the asking price), but I was delighted to at least be getting a decent amount for the Fiesta.

Moral of the story is don’t just sell a broken down car for scrap. Try offering it to a dealer. If the dealer isn’t local and the car doesn’t run this will be a problem, but if you can provide enough details, as we did, then it is worth trying.

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