14 June 2015

One Great Tip When Selling a Car Use a Car Valuation Calculator

If there is one thing that is more important than anything else when it comes to selling a used car, it is making sure you get paid a fair price for it. Patience can really pay off too.

That is why there have always been guide books for pricing, but these can vary from reality. Location can have an impact as well as various other faction which the guide books do not take into consideration. Therefore using a good car valuation calculator is a great help in finding the true value of your vehicle.

These online car valuations are often free and they range from basically entering your registration number to entering a long list of questions. Don't be afraid to spend some time answering the questions on the more complicated ones, it could get you more money.

For example I was recently searching for a particular car on a popular classifieds ad website. What I noticed on more than one occasion is that if a specific car was not available in a certain area, the price was higher than in the guide book.

It is all a matter of demand and supply. If someone wants the exact car you are selling, you may as well get as much as they are willing to pay for it. Therefore you should be thorough when getting your calculation and even raise the figure when you first advertise your car. If someone is looking for that particular make and model, you might get a great deal. If not, just lower it a little each week until somebody bites.

Selling a car online and/or through classified ads will usually get you the most money. If at first you don't succeed, lower the figure but be wary of going too low. When we sold the car we were replacing the buyer drove over 200 miles to get it. He paid in cash and it was pretty obvious he was a dealer. So if after 2 months nobody is buying through your advert, look at other options before lowering the price too much. You may find that a part exchange offer is better value.

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